Hey hey, you wounded healer / I see your loneliness from far away / so small in that big city / so still among the fast things / so quiet with that language only you speak /

Alicia Viani (vocals, guitar, and songwriting) and Mark Karwan (vocals, acoustic bass) tell lyrical and instrumental stories. Stories gathered from their own journeys over joyous mountains and deep valleys of hardship, and from the unique perspective of both Mark and Alicia being mental health providers and pouring the tenderness and fragility and power of the human condition into song.

I am a child in womanly skin / I fear and I love the wild things / who are these grownups we’re pretending to be / with solutions and control over everything / I’ve got bruised knees and I want to run free /

They weave social justice perspectives about current events into their music, and audience members describe being moved by their vulnerability, resilience, and defiance in intimate, expressive performances.

Hey hey, you wounded healer / I see your secrets coiled like snakes under your skin / let them rise like the fire in your eyes / it hurts to keep the truth inside / I see your sweet chaos and I’ll raise you one /

Drawing on earlier professional music careers in other mediums (Alicia, classical oboe and Mark, classical, jazz, and rock bass) their version of indie folk weaves in jazz, funk and americana influences with personal and provocative lyrics. Their authenticity provides a moving and connecting musical experience. Alicia and Mark play listening rooms, house concerts, music festivals, weddings and private events regionally in the Northwest and locally in Bend, Oregon.